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Major Kids course

tieng-anh-tre-em-1A number of scientific studies have shown that early exposure to English create the foundation for an almost native accent.

Ten years ago, neuroscientist (a scientist (who studies the brain) who specialises in the study of the brain) Dr Lise Eliot explained that, “…babies are born being able to hear the sounds of every language in the world. However, this ability is subject to the “use it or lose it” phenomenon. If the baby is not exposed to foreign sounds, she will lose the ability to distinguish those sounds.” (Eliot,2000)


1. Thinking in English

Children perceive the world by senses rather than rational and logical thinking. Therefore, children can automatically and naturally learn to think in English, which is the optimum condition for effective language learning. In contrast, adults with more inflexible thought processes often make common mistakes by translating everything from their native language into the second language and vice versa. This habit reduces student’s speaking and reading speed as well as damaging the development of proficiency in English.

2. Using English in a wide variety of activities

Exposure to English at an early age helps children form the habit of using English in a wide variety of activities. Watching movies, reading stories, and playing games in English stimulates children’s minds … helping them become confident communicating with native English speakers.

Course Content

Major English Centre understands that young learners are natural language acquirers, thus has developed special courses for children from 5 to 10 years old with the following features:

  1. Learning Methods: activity-based learning with diverse and constantly changing activities to lengthen children’s attention span.
  2. Learning Content: The sequence of learning content from easy-to-difficult and simple-to-complex, which suits the individual child’s developmental levels. A sequence of content ranging from easy-to-difficult and simple-to-complex suited to individual child’s development levels.
  3. Materials: Major English Centre uses the English Land series for children’s classes. The student book is in full colour with lots of attractive artwork and contains Disney characters, that children know and love, presented in stunning scenes from popular Disney movies to engage and motivate young learners.
  4. Teachers: Native English teachers so that the children acquire a native English accent and pronunciation.