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Being an ESL teacher at Major Education and living in Ho Chi Minh city is definitely very different to anywhere else in the world!

If you are thinking of joining us in this exciting city, here are some things you may want to know!

Society Status:

Society Status4

Aside from the satisfaction of being able to contribute and making a difference to society, being a teacher is a very honorable and respectful profession in Vietnamese culture. We even have a national holiday to show our appreciation to teachers!

Living Costs:


Compared to Western cities like London, New York, and Los Angeles, living in Ho Chi Minh is cheaper by a large extent.

Broadly speaking, an average meal from a local restaurant will cost you about $1.50 to $3.00 USD, with upwards of $10 US+ at nicer establishments in the city. An average family of four in Vietnam will be able to live on an income of $2800 per year in comparison to the high income of our ESL teachers.




Among the wide range of hospitals and healthcare services, private hospitals are generally on par with those in the Western countries and accept the inclusive health insurance provided by Major Education. The majority of doctors are from the US, Korea, Japan and France, as well as overseas-trained Vietnamese doctors.




Getting around Ho Chi Minh city by scooter or motorbike is actually a lot more efficient than in other big Asian cities like Bangkok, Manila or Bali. Even taking a Taxi is usually faster than in said cities since there are not as many cars clogging the streets here. Traffic in here can be crazy, but actually fairly safe as the average speed is 40km/hour.




Vietnamese food is tasty, cheap and healthy but you’re not in the mood for Vietnamese food, there’s many other options. There are restaurants serving world-class food from places such as France, Italy, Japan or Spain.




Ho Chi Minh is a dynamic city with a number of entertainment forms, day and night. You can learn about the history of the city by visiting famous museums, go on a shopping spree at the many large and modern shopping centers or relax in the quirky cafes located around the city. There are great number of established cafes around the city where you can work, chill out, read, or get some afternoon tea.


Ho Chi Minh City has been called a place for people who love to enjoy the nightlife with many bars, beer clubs as well as street food stalls opening from midnight until the early morning. Bui Vien is the place most foreigners visit because of its energetic, fun environment at night, offering a wide range of beer clubs, bars and small restaurants. This area is the ideal location for parties or chit chat with friends. With all the information provided in Vietnamese and English you can easily order food, drink and other service without confusion.


Outside the city, you can spend the weekend with friends relaxing on the beach, less than 2 hours drive away.


For those seeking health activities or having a passion for any specific sport, there are many cheap yet very well-equipped gym with trainers, a sports centre where you can play numerous sports, as well as sports fields. Furthermore, our company also run sport clubs weekly and other events for all employees.